Community Connect

Beyond the walls of our church community lies the local and global community, both of which are filled with needs.  And as a church our desire is to connect with these communities in bringing the hope and love of Christ in a way that makes a meaningful difference.

Through strategic events and campaigns we provide opportunities for those at the Crossings to serve along side great nonprofits in meeting the very real needs of our community and world.

While we recognize that there are many kinds of needs, the scope of our efforts are focused primarily in the areas of helping the homeless, near homeless, and children at risk.

While all are encouraged to serve in these opportunities, our need in this ministry is for people to:

  • Lead and organize the various initiatives
  • Be aware of various needs and opportunities and bring them to the leadership for     consideration
  • Be the champion of a cause that is very near and dear to their heart

Compassion for the poor and oppressed was always a top priority of Jesus.  When the world asks, “What is God like?” we should be able to say, “Look at the church.”

If that’s your heart, then this is the team for you.


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