The Production Team at the Crossings is a group of enthusiastic volunteers who strive to create excellence in our Sunday Service environments by creating the “wow factor” through the use of technology.

The area of Production consists of several teams:

  •  Lighting Team: sets up, prepares and operates both the stage and auditorium lighting on Sundays to focus attention and create appealing atmospheres
  •  Audio Team: responsible for the set-up and monitoring of all the auditorium audio equipment. Their role is to support what is happening on stage from the band to the spoken word and remove distractions
  •  Video Team: operates the equipment necessary to display both graphics and video that  are used to enhance the Sunday Morning Experience. Their focus is to enhance the visual appeal
  •  Graphic Design Team: creates graphically appealing images that can be used to promote upcoming events and enhance both musical and verbal communication

This is an exciting area of service for those who enjoy the world of production and love to learn and expand their skills.


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