Giving For The Future

At the Crossings we are easily pleased but never satisfied because we are always moving
from here to there as we step into the future God as for us. And movement takes money.
Four years ago we looked at the one-day-a-week facility we were renting and came to the
conclusion we could never get to the there God has for us in our current location. There
was a glass ceiling on our future: it was time for greater things.
So we began the IT’S TIME for GREATER THINGS capital campaign, and in October
of 2015, after raising over 85% of the necessary funds, we moved into that new facility.
And the greater things we dreamed about for so many years are now actually happening!
But since so much of our future revolves around the use of this facility, right now our
Giving for the Future is focused on Closing the Gap of our financial obligations for
the building, which are currently at $75,000.
And once the GAP is closed, our desire is to move forward into the future by building
out the remaining 3,000 square feet in the back for a Student Center, and then turning the
7,000 square feet of patio area into a creative and useful space.
Giving for the Future can be done by using any of our giving formats. Just be sure and
notate it as “future.”
Put your fingerprints on tomorrow by giving today and let it ripple into the future.