Building Items

Four years ago we began to dream and plan for a new facility to move us from here to there in the future God has for us as a church. And that dream turned into the IT’S TIME for GREATER THINGS capital campaign to raise the funds to make the move…a campaign that many of you have been a part of.

After less than two years we celebrated being half way to our goal. More of you jumped in with financial commitments as part of the FINAL FOURTEEN (months), and still more joined the FINAL STRETCH during the final three months.

Now, just two months prior to our move to the new facility, IT’S TIME to FINISH.

Every day our build-out of the old Kmart in Winter Garden is moving us closer to realizing our dream of having a functional facility for connecting the reality of God to the reality of life in our community and world.

But we’re not quite there yet.

We are still $125,000 short of getting across the finish line…but there’s no way we’re stopping now!

So I’m asking each of you to consider how God may want to use you to be a part of bringing this God-ordained dream to completion.

General Contributions

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