Elementary Crew

Kids in Kindergarten – 5th grade are in a constant state of discovery.  So how can we help them discover the wonderful Story of God and the active part He has for them in His Story? 

  • Large Group Host: Large Group is where the kids experience the love and life of Christ in a creative and fun environment led by you!  Using multi-media, creative storytelling techniques, drama, etc., you bring the Bible to life so kids can learn to connect the reality of God to the reality of their lives where they are right now! 
  • Worship Leader: Works with the kids worship team to lead and teach worship songs during the Large Group experience. The worship leader works with the Children’s Ministry Director to select the songs that best support and reinforce the weekend experience. 
  • Small Group Leader: 30 minutes are spent in age appropriate small groups so the kids can go deeper with the lesson they just heard in Large Group.  This is where you come in!  Using provided curriculum you will lead your small group in discussion, prayer, and relationships as they grapple with that week’s bottom line. Our curriculum encourages using a consistent small group leader with every eight to ten children. 
  • Assistant:  Assists the small group leader with facilitating activities, helping with discipline and calming children, and helping to keep children engaged and participating.  
  • Tech: Technology is a huge part of children’s ministry.  If you love all things buttons and bells and whistles, then you will love serving as our tech. The use of graphic driven programming such as PowerPoint, Keynote, and Propresenter creates an engaging  experience that needs technical experts to bring it to life. 


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