Welcome Crew

This is the very front lines of our Children’s Ministry because those who check-in and meet the parents with a joyful, welcoming face make a lasting impression.  

  • Greeters/Computer Check-in Operator:  Helps families easily and quickly check-in through the computer based check-in system.  All that’s needed to get started are a few computer skills, a great smile and a welcoming attitude.  Training will be provided on computer software.                       
  • Visitor Check-in: Each week we have new families who come to the Crossings for the first time and you are the first person that greets and helps them get to know who we are!  A friendly, welcoming attitude is all that’s needed for this position.  You will assist families in finding their kids classrooms, understanding our check-in and out process, and answering any questions they might have about the Crossings.


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