Adrenaline is the relevant student ministries of the Crossings are led by authentic leaders who understand the need for students to grow through powerful, life transforming experiences while expanding their understanding of God through spiritually challenging truths that confront the toxic myths of this generation’s culture.

Every student needs a safe place to be accepted and loved just as they are in a secure environment where they can express their fears and doubts about life and faith without being pushed out of the circle. 

The Student Ministries of the Crossings is just such a place.



Experiencing inner life change by developing a personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ that not only affects their own lives but their schools, families, communities, and world.

Wednesday Night: Currently all Adrenaline students are gathering together for an energetic expression of authentic worship, truth, and community. Our Wednesday Nights are held at our building from 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm.

Community Groups: Adrenaline leaders know that change happens within three feet or less. This means that our students are in smaller community groups throughout the week so that they can better connect their reality of life with the reality of God. 



For more information contact the church office at 407-656-6044