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School Policies

Below is more information about our program so you can get to know us

Operating Policies


Every day our schedule includes snack time and lunch. Please pack your child a lunch box with an extra snack that can be pulled out at snack time. Also, send your child with a labeled cup that we can fill throughout the day with water. We prefer you do not send juice or juice boxes. **Please see our Safety and Sanitation Guidelines section for more details 


Parents are required to supply up-to-date health information, Immunization Form 121, and the School Entry Health Form before a child can be admitted to the program. If your child has had a rash, fever, diarrhea or vomiting within the past 24 hours, a nasal discharge that is not clear or any other contagious conditionDO NOT bring them to MMO. If your child should become ill at MMO, we will call you to come pick up your child. We cannot administer medication of any kind. Please notify the Teacher and/or Director if your child contracts any contagious diseases, such as chicken pox, so we can alert other parents of possible exposure. Please note that the program does not offer health or accident coverage for children.


the Crossings My Morning Out follows the Orange County Public School’s calendar for holidays as well as school closures for weather.


Families that are currently registered for any of our 2 or 3 day options have the opportunity to add additional days as needed at our $30 per day drop in rate. In order to use this option you must directly communicate with the MMO Director 24 hours in advance of the day you wish to bring your child. This option is subject to class size availability. If the class is at our student-to-teacher ratio capacity we will not be able to accommodate this option.



Please dress your child for play. Tennis shoes are the best footwear. Pack a full change of clothes in your child’s backpack to use in case of any accidents. Please mark all of your child’s clothing, pacifiers, cups, bags, etc. with your child‘s full name. 


For children in diapers: You will need to send diapers, wipes and an extra complete change of clothing (seasonal) for us to keep in their cubby. We will notify you as their diaper supply gets low.

For children potty training - Please let us know if you are potty training your child. We will work with you on this endeavor. Since, accidents do happen, please send a complete change of clothing (seasonal) in the event this occurs.


Drop off is at 8:30am.The back double doors to the classroom hallway will be opened at 8:30am. We ask that parents who arrive early enjoy the BreakRoom space or wait in the check-in area until 8:30. 

The front double doors from the BreakRoom to the hallway will be locked daily at 9am. Drop off needs to occur before this time. If, in extenuating circumstances you are running late for emergency reasons please message through ProCare so we know you will be arriving late. You will need to ask the barista to unlock the doors for you when you arrive. Please note: if the barista is busy with customers you will need to wait until they are taken care of.


Pick up is at 12:30pm. The front double doors from the BreakRoom to the hallway will be unlocked at 12:25pm. At that time, you are welcome to come back and pick up your child. If pick up needs to occur before 12:25 please message through ProCare to make alternative arrangements.


Prearranged absences (Ex. Vacations, Dr appointments, etc.) – Directly communicate with your child’s teachers the dates ahead of time either in person or message through ProCare.

Last minute absences (Ex. Illness, family emergency, etc.) – Directly message on ProCare before 9:30am.


At MMO our teachers are highly qualified in childcare, however, most of them do not have any formal training in special-needs care. We are happy to welcome a child who has special needs as long as they are able to meet the general expectations of their age group, maintain a safe environment for themselves and for others, and are benefiting from being part of the program.


If a child is repetitively physically rough with other children an accident report will be filled out to document the behavior concern. If more than three accident reports of this nature are filled out in a one-month time frame then a conference will be scheduled to discuss and come up with an action plan for how to help the child interact more gently. If upon the conference the child continues to be too rough with other students, therefore putting their safety in jeopardy, we will ask that the child seek care at another facility that may be more equipped to handle their specific needs.